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Join us in sharing your time and talents in one of our areas of service. 

Pray for the ministry of Zion. Pray that we have adequate gifts to fulfil that ministry. Pray for our church family and give thanks for the gifts God has given to us and for the ability to share them.  Become a link in one of our prayer chains.



Contact the church office or Pastor to learn when a pulla day is planned.  More hands for kneading, braiding, and baking would be welcome.  Both pulla and cinnamon buns will be baked at the church for Christmas Bake Sale 2023.

Pulla is on sale from 9 -12 Wednesday mornings from the CHURCH OFFICE. 

Also watch for a sandwich board announcement on Wellington in front of church

when it is fresh from the oven on bake days.

Knit mittens for our mitten tree.  Your craft will be passed on to Christmas Cheer.  You can also help distribute boxes from our depot from Christmas Cheer just before Christmas.

Share your sewing skills in The Sewing Room@Zion downstairs at Zion Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 12.  Talk to John or Pat 705 945 8741 for details.
Room closed from December 8, 2023 until January 12, 2024 for the holidays.

Our Choir practices Wednesday evenings at 7p.m. to prepare an anthem and lead music at 10 a.m. Worship.  Contact the office to reach our Ministry of Music Director, Karen Kettles for details.

Bring in food and household products for our Manna Basket delivered about every 6 weeks to Pauline’s Place Emergency Shelter. 


The Mission Box, a colourful model house is out in the narthex for donations to Harvest Algoma. Consider unloading some of those loonies or toonies weighing you down especially when we celebrate birthday Sunday the end of each months..

Contribute to CLWR - Canadian Lutheran World Relief.  It is the Lutheran agency that works on projects of World Hunger and Development, Refugee Resettlement, and Disaster Relief with your support.  


There is a place waiting for you.

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