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Celebrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ:  Believing, Witnessing, Teaching, Sharing, and Serving with all.

10:00 a.m. Sunday Morning




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PENTECOST  -  May 28, 2023 


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And little ones


Children are welcomed participants in worship services.  There is a children space at the front of the church on the piano side with activity bags and a smaller table and chairs. 






Children can explore bag's content at the table or take them back to sit their family.  Sometimes a children’s movie is shown in the fireside room during worship.  An event for children and youth is held after worship the last Sunday of the month in the fellowship hall with activities and refreshments.

kids space.jpg

The washroom next the kitchen has a change table.  The narthex /foyer has seating for parents if little ones need a break or comforting. There is a tub of toys under a table there and picture books also.

toddler centre.jpg

Mother's Day

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