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 May 5 is NATIONAL RED DRESS DAY, -  a time to raise awareness of the ongoing crisis of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit people, and to act in response to the exhausted calls for redress, justice, and accountability for those who have been harmed or lost.

Zion featured the Synod's display's in sanctuary along the the East wall of the Red Dress Journey. The information walk was open Easter Weekend. People could view 4 art displays and descriptions along with further information for action. Participants were also be encouraged to tie a red ribbon on the tree by our front door as an act of prayer for all in harm.


The Eastern Synod initiative is meant to open up conversation and action concerning the tragedy of murdered and missing Indigenous Women and Girls and Two Spirit People which continues to plague this country.

For more information and resources follow the link to the Eastern Synod page.

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